Health & Wellness Tips While COVID-19 Has You Stuck at Home

Most health advice can be boiled down to simple behaviors, like eating a balanced diet, exercising and getting good sleep. During a pandemic like COVID-19, these actions are especially crucial for maintaining your physical and mental well-being.


  • It is important to have a plan. Take inventory of your pantry and refrigerator to plan meals around the food you already have.
  • While grains and canned goods are a viable option, it is also a great time to buy fresh produce. You can cut them up and store them in your freezer for months.
  • If you choose canned goods, pick those low in saturated fat, salt and added sugars.
  • Do NOT resort to eating out of boredom and/or stress.


  • You may not be able to go to the gym, but it’s okay to walk, run or bike outside, so long as you keep a safe distance from others.

 Stress and Sleep

  • Managing stress and anxiety is crucial for getting enough sleep. Try yoga and meditation.
  • Health and wellness experts also suggest setting aside a specific area in your home free of technology to relax and unwind. Over-exposure to news can create anxiety.


  • Research shows COVID-19 can live on surfaces for up to 72 hours. Make sure you keep high-touch objects wiped down.
  • Wash your hand towels frequently and remove shoes and coats as soon as you return from trips outside. Also, wash your hands regularly.


  • Doctors have recommended postponing any non-essential appointments and using telemedicine for pre-scheduled appointments that need to happen now.
  • If you have a pressing medical need you should still seek medical care.

We care about more than just your financial health, and hope that everyone stays safe during this time! To read more about this, check out the full article here!