Our Process

There’s a method to our success—a proven approach that ensures that you and our team are on the same page, focused on your goals, and maximizing our resources to help you achieve those goals. Here’s how it works.

Hold Initial Meeting

Our first meeting is very educational. You’ll learn about our investment and wealth management services. We will discuss our proprietary software that generates scenarios based on your financial situation and goals. Most importantly, we’ll get to know you, gathering the detailed information we need to begin developing your financial plan and discussing your needs and objectives.

Develop Financial Plan

Our Certified Financial Planner Practitioners craft a financial plan based on what we learned during that first meeting. The plan covers several scenarios showing the likely outcomes of differing plan components. We then hold a second meeting with you to go over the plan and get your input. At a third meeting, we present our final recommendations on your investment strategy, asset allocation, timeline, and other factors.

Implement Action Plan

Once we agree on the financial plan, we’ll strive to ensure that your assets are working for your future. Sugarloaf Wealth Management puts all of the plan components into place, from reorganizing your investment accounts to right-sizing your insurance coverage. Just relax and leave the details to us.


We continuously monitor your investment results and make adjustments as needed, based on changes in the financial markets, developments in the global economy, and shifts in your situation or goals.

Review and Communicate

We hold regular meetings with you to review your investment holdings and your financial plan, based on a schedule of your choosing. We contact you anytime we feel that an adjustment to your plan is needed, and we are always available to you, online, by phone or in person.

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