Planning for the Unexpected

Every morning when we roll out of bed our expectations for the day are set. Every one of us envisions the day ahead and has an idea of how we expect our day to unfold. How often does it every actually go according to what you planned?

The reality is that the answer to this question is: never. Things happen. Life happens. It’s part of the journey. You survive, adapt, and continue on your way.

More times than not the ‘unexpected’ that you did not plan for comes in the form of adversity: flat tire, meeting cancelation, missed flight, illness, etc. Very rarely do you expect or account for these types of events in your daily life. Why would you? No one sets out every morning with the expectation of failure or inconvenience.

Mike Tyson when asked about whether he was worried about his upcoming bout with Evander Holyfield and his fight plan said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Admittedly, we are quite confident taking advice from Mike Tyson is not on your ‘must-do’ list, however, there is some wisdom behind this thought.

As Financial Advisors, our job is to plan for the unexpected. If things were always ‘good’ and went according to plan, what purpose would planning serve? None. There would never be a need for any protection, insurance, strategy, etc. because you’d walk through life knowing that everything was going to be smooth sailing. Well, like mentioned above, we know this does not happen.

If you’re a client or know anything about us, you’ll know that we take planning very seriously. It is the cornerstone of our belief system and the foundation for your future. That is why it is imperative to us that we stress-test your portfolio and provide counsel and advice to help you navigate the uncertainty of tomorrow. We want to be sure that no matter what your future holds, you are financial prepared to face it.

One of the firms we work closely with, Aptus Capital Advisors recently wrote a piece title ‘A Plan Will Always Have Something Unexpected’. This embodies many of the principles we are passionate about and also discusses a few proactive measures to ensure you’re planning for success!

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